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Attractive prospects for fruit and vegetable flour


Fruits and vegetables are not only delicious, but also rich in vitamins and elements needed by the human body. They are suitable for all ages. Fruit and vegetable products have high water content and are easily rotted. At present, the loss rate of fresh fruits and vegetables in China reaches 30%, vegetables reach 40%-50%, and the loss rate in developed countries is less than 7%. At present, the total amount of fruits and vegetables in China has reached the world number. First, the processing volume is less than 10% of the national total. Fruit and vegetable products have strong seasonality and regionality, and the harvest and market period are short and concentrated, forming an obvious peak season and off season. In addition, a large number of juicy and nutritious fruit and vegetable products will be backlogged if not sold, stored and processed in time. Dry shrinkage and even deterioration and decay, resulting in economic losses. At present, the main edible fruit is mainly fresh food. At the same time, it has been following traditional processing methods, such as canned, preserved fruit, juice, etc., which has been difficult to meet consumer demand and improve efficiency. Therefore, it is not necessary to develop new fruit and vegetable products to meet market demand.


In order to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables all year round, and make them into various fruit and vegetable products, it has become a hot spot in the advanced countries of the world. Fresh fruit and vegetable direct processing results Vegetable powder is a kind of processing method that has emerged in recent years. It has emerged with the unique material existence form with the needs of modern industrial progress, showing its unique advantages: processing fresh fruit and vegetable fruits and vegetables Its moisture content is less than 6%, which reduces the loss caused by decay, and its low water content can not be used by microorganisms, and the activity of enzymes is also inhibited, which can greatly reduce the cost of storage, transportation and packaging. Fruit and vegetable milling has low requirements on raw materials, especially for edible skin and core, which broadens the application range of raw materials for fruits and vegetables; fruit and vegetable powder has the characteristics of convenient storage, convenient adjustment, strong nutrition and rich nutrition. It maintains the nutritional flavor of the original fruits and vegetables as well as the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables and the core, without any additives and pigments, has been used as a raw material for processing other ingredients, and has become a good nutritional deep processing product.


Mixture Vegetable Powders

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