Kang Med ™

Our keyword is:'HONEST'

  • Kang Med ™ Healthy


    Kang Med, "Kang" in Chinese means healthy. We pursue to supplying high quality food material, we have confidence the material is heathy that can be eaten by our nearest person, our parents, our kids.

  • Kang Med ™ Open


    We have 40 fruit and vegetable powders that are NOP organic certified.

  • Kang Med ™ Natural


    Material 100% natural, no chemical flavors, colors etc. additives

  • Kang Med ™ Experienced


    We have been in the field 14years with sufficient knowledge of the materials, we are able to introduce the best product to match client demand.

  • Kang Med ™ Strict


    Our factory must be Organic, Kosher, Halal certified. Pesticide, heavy metal must be tested through well-known third party lab

  • Kang Med ™ Targeted


    We only focus on Fruit & Vegetable powders.


Shou Le Kang ® 壽樂康 Pure Organic Plant Root & Berry Powder