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Black currant, also known as dry grapes, belongs to a shrub plant. Most of them are distributed in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and some areas of Xinjiang. The nutritional value of black currant is very rich and there are many ways to eat. You can use jam, fruit wine and related Some drinks etc.

Efficacy and role of blackcurrant

  • Protect your teeth
    Black currant can protect our teeth. Because black currant contains richer vitamin C, and the antioxidant content of black currant is also very rich, so this can ensure the effect and effect of vitamin C on us, so black currant It can very effectively help us protect our teeth and strengthen our gums, and the effect is very prominent.
  • Protect the liver
    Black currant can protect our liver. Because there are many anti-oxidant biological active substances in black currant, such as anthocyanin phenolic acid substances and vitamins and other nutrients enter our body, it can help us protect very effectively Our liver makes our body healthier.
  • Improve eyesight
    Blackcurrant can also improve our vision. Blackcurrant contains a variety of antioxidant biologically active substances that can supplement our body with some antioxidants, which can effectively protect our vision function, so usually eat some black Gallons can help us improve our vision. For those with myopia, we can eat more black gallons.
  • Slow down aging
    Black currant can also help us to delay aging, because black currant contains some polysaccharide nutrients, as well as antioxidant substances, these substances have a very good antioxidant function into our body, can eliminate us Free radicals generated by growth in the body. It can effectively help us alleviate the phenomenon of aging.
  • Supplement Qi and blood
    Black currant can also help us to qi and blood, because the content of iron in black currant is relatively rich, so black currant can help us qi and blood.
  • Protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
    In addition, there are some unsaturated fatty acids in blackcurrant seeds, these unsaturated fatty acids can protect our heart and brain blood vessels.
  • Prevent osteoarthritis
    In addition, the extract of blackcurrant leaves contains a substance that can help us prevent osteoarthritis.


The nutritional value of blackcurrants

  • Black gallons are rich in protein and carbohydrates, while one gallon of glucose in carbohydrates accounts for about 40%, while fructose accounts for nearly 60%. Glucose can directly help our body replenish energy, and fructose enters us. The body can not only help us replenish energy, but also inhibit our body's consumption of protein.
  • In addition, most of the pigments in blackcurrant belong to a water-soluble natural pigment. Therefore, it can inhibit the phenomenon that some hormones cause platelet coagulation in our body, so black currant can prevent thrombosis and arteriosclerosis caused by platelet coagulation in our blood vessels, and the effect is very prominent.
  • In addition, the content of blackcurrant juice reaches nearly 26%, and the antioxidant capacity of blackcurrant juice is very high, so it can help us to effectively remove some free radicals generated in the body, which can help us delay the aging of the body.
  • Black currant is also rich in citric acid and other organic acids. These substances can help us excrete some of the lactic acid accumulated in our blood, and it can also suppress the production of new lactic acid in the body. , Improve fatigue, and can also help us increase appetite, the nutritional value can be said to be quite rich.

Organic Black Currant Powder

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Organic Black Currant Juice Powder

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Black Currant Powder

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Black Currant Juice Powder

Black Currant Juice Powder material 100% natural, no chemical flavors, colors etc additive..



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