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Broccoli is not only a vegetable with a relatively fresh and unique taste, but broccoli is also a very pharmacological vegetable. Eating broccoli is very helpful to our health and can bring many effects and effects.


  1. Bushen Yijing
    Broccoli has a good tonic effect on our kidneys, it can nourish the kidneys and improve essence, especially for people with kidney deficiency, if there is weakness, forgetfulness or tinnitus, kidney yin deficiency, then eat some broccoli Conditioning improvement has a very unique effect. Although it is not as effective as some drugs, it is absolutely safe and reliable.
  2. Strengthen the spleen and stomach and promote digestion
    Dithiol thione is a unique substance in broccoli. This substance is an organic component with a relatively aromatic scent. It has a good maintenance effect on our spleen and stomach. Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach appear. Try eating some broccoli for recuperation, it will definitely make your stomach feel comfortable. If you often have no appetite, you can also eat some broccoli to improve your appetite.
  3. Prevention and treatment of scurvy
    Scurvy is relatively common, which is mainly caused by the lack of vitamin c in the body, so vitamin c supplementation is very important, and the vitamin c rich in broccoli is extremely rich, so it is said to eat broccoli often to prevent and treat Scurvy is an ideal choice.
  4. Enhance memory
    If your memory continues to decline, then you may wish to eat some broccoli to adjust, this is mainly due to the vitamin acetylcholine in broccoli, this substance can effectively stimulate brain excitement. It is also unique to eat some broccoli regularly to delay aging. Older friends can often choose to eat broccoli as a vegetable product in their daily lives.

Broccoli Powder

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Organic Broccoli Powder

Organic Broccoli Powder material 100% natural, no chemical flavors, colors etc additives.



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