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International Fruit and Vegetable Powder Processing Status


Developed countries attach great importance to the fruit and vegetable processing industry, and their processing technology and equipment are increasingly becoming more advanced, industrialized, and resource utilization rationalized. The product standard system and quality control system are further improved. As an important processing form of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable powder has made great progress abroad.

At present, the international advanced fruit and vegetable powder processing is developing in the direction of low temperature and ultrafine grinding, and fully utilizes the roots, stems, leaves, skin, and nucleus of fruits and vegetables, achieving full utilization of fruits and vegetables and the production of no residue. Moreover, the physical properties of the fruit and vegetable powders such as dispersibility, water solubility, adsorptivity, affinity and the like are improved, and the use is more convenient; the nutrients are more easily digested and absorbed, and the taste is better; the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables is well utilized. It can be said that fruit and vegetable powder is a good way to process fruit and vegetables.



Chinese Fruit and Vegetable Powder Processing Status


Since the reform and opening up, especially since the "Ninth Five-Year Plan," China's overall level of storage, transportation, preservation, and processing technology has been greatly improved. The post-harvest processing industry of fruits and vegetables has developed rapidly. The primary processing problems have been basically solved and the market supply is abundant. Meeting the consumption of urban and rural residents has played an active role. At present, China's total fruit reserves account for more than 25% of total production, commercial processing capacity is approximately 10%, fruit processing and conversion capacity is approximately 6%, and vegetable processing and conversion capacity is approximately 10%. The post-harvest loss rate of fruits and vegetables dropped to 25% to 30%, basically fulfilling the north-south transport and long-term supply of bulk fruits and vegetables. Deep processing industry such as canned fruit and vegetable juices and canned fruits and vegetables has also made considerable progress and entered a new historical stage.
However, due to the late start of the fruit and vegetable processing industry in China, the research and development of post-delivery value-added engineering technology and the lagging behind in industrialization, the overall level of fruit and vegetable processing industry has fallen behind that of developed countries by nearly 20 years, and lags behind the development needs of its own industry. At present, China's fruit and vegetable resources utilization rate is low, the level of processing technology and process equipment behind, rough processing products and low added value, always restrict the overall development of China's fruit and vegetable processing industry and agriculture.
The production of domestic fruit and vegetable powders has only just begun. The production conditions of fruit and vegetable powder processing companies are simple. There are few varieties of fruit and vegetable powders that have been developed and produced. The products are rough and less flavorful, and the particles of fruit and vegetable powder are larger, which affects the taste when used. Most of the processing of fruit and vegetable powder is the method of crushing by hot air drying. Because the temperature of the material is too high during milling, the nutrients, color and flavor of the product are destroyed, and even the smell of coke is produced. In addition, some of the fruit and vegetable powders are obtained by spray drying. This process has a low powder rate, which results in a high price and limited market applications.
China is a big producer of fruits and vegetables. As a good processing method, fruit and vegetable powders have a large value-added range and can be exported for foreign exchange. There is bound to be a lot of room for development.
With the growing maturity of fruit and vegetable powder processing technologies, fruit and vegetable powders can not only be used as substitutes for fresh fruits and vegetables in special environments to ensure the nutritional needs of the human body, but also to meet the diversification and gentrification of fruits and vegetables in daily life. Convenience requirements.
The processing of fruit and vegetable powder complies with the development requirements of the “high-efficiency, high-quality, and environmental-friendly” food processing industry. Therefore, the processing of fruit and vegetable powder is bound to develop rapidly.

改革开放以来,特别是“九五”以来,我国果蔬贮运保鲜与加工技术总体水平有了很大的提高,果蔬采后加工业发展迅猛,初加工问题已基本得到解决,市场供应丰富,为满足城乡居民的消费起到了积极的作用。目前,我国果品总贮量占总产量的25%以上,商品化处理量约为10%,果品加工转化能力约为6%,蔬菜加工转化能力约为10%。果蔬采后损耗率降至 25%~30%,基本实现了大宗果蔬商品的南北调运与长期供应。果蔬汁和果蔬罐头等深加工业也得到了长足的发展,步入了新的历史阶段。






Fruit and vegetable powder processing status


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