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Efficacy of celery

The most well-known effect of celery is to lower blood pressure. A superior material life increases the risk of high blood pressure. Many people will choose to eat more celery in their daily lives to lower blood pressure. In addition to lowering blood pressure, celery has other effects.

  1. Pinggan to lower blood pressure
    The main liver meridian of celery, clinical medicine shows that the vegetables in celery contain acidic antihypertensive components, which have a good preventive effect on primary, pregnancy and menopausal hypertension.
  2. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer
    Celery is a high-fiber food. It produces a lignin or intestinal fat substance through intestinal digestion. This kind of substance is an antioxidant. At high concentrations, it can inhibit carcinogens produced by bacteria in the intestine. Prevent colon cancer.
  3. Calm and calm the mind
    Celery contains an alkaline ingredient that has a calming effect on animals, calms the body and eliminates irritability.
  4. Nourishing blood and deficiency
    Celery contains a high amount of iron, which can supplement women's menstrual blood loss, make eyes look bright, and hair black, avoid pale, dry skin, and dull complexion.
  5. Clearing heat and detoxifying
    Celery is the main liver. People with excessive liver fire, rough skin, frequent insomnia, and headaches can eat celery to relieve symptoms. In spring with a dry climate, people are prone to dryness and panting, and eating celery often helps to clear the heat and detoxify, and to get rid of illness and strengthen the body.
  6. Sober up the stomach
    Celery is a high-fiber food, which can speed up the digestion and elimination of the stomach, and then through the diuretic function of celery, the alcohol is excreted through the urine, which relieves the pressure on the stomach and plays the role of sobering and protecting the stomach.
  7. Prevent psoriasis
    There is a substance in celery that relaxes vascular smooth muscle, which can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Celery contains psoralen to prevent psoriasis.


The nutritional value of celery

As we all know, the nutritional value of vegetables is very high, and celery is among the best. Nutritional studies have shown that the B vitamins contained in celery are high, while the content of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and minerals is also significantly higher than that of ordinary green vegetables. Specifically, in 100 grams of celery, the protein content is 2.2 grams, the calcium content is 8.5 mg, the phosphorus content is 61 mg, and the iron content is 8.5 mg. Among them, the protein content of celery is 1 times higher than that of ordinary fruits and vegetables, and the iron content is about 20 times that of tomatoes. Celery is also rich in carotene and various vitamins.

Celery smells a special scent, because its leaves and stems have volatile substances. This scent can enhance people's appetite and widen their appetite. It is suitable for white-collar workers who have no appetite for work under stress.

Vegetables contained in celery contain acidic antihypertensive ingredients that have a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension and its complications, vascular sclerosis, and neurasthenia.

Celery contains a high amount of iron, which can supplement the iron lost during menstruation with menstrual blood. It avoids pale, dry skin, and lacks complexion. It makes eyes look dark and shiny.

Celery juice has the effect of lowering blood sugar, often eat some celery, can neutralize uric acid and acidic substances in the body, very suitable for daily consumption of diabetic people.

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