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Wheatgrass juice is juice squeezed from wheatgrass. The function and function of this wheatgrass juice is because wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, so what nutrients does wheatgrass juice contain?

  • The green blood of the nutrients of wheat grass juice- chlorophyll
    The structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of human heme. It can be seen that chlorophyll has a hematopoietic function, which can strengthen the heart and restore vitality. Chlorophyll can also enter tissues to remove debris, residual drugs and toxins. Therefore, it has the functions of clearing liver and clearing blood, and can improve blood sugar, accelerate wound healing, and has very good healing effect on chronic diseases. Wheat grass contains 70% chlorophyll.
  • The nutritional content of wheat grass juice is rich in vitamins
    Wheatgrass is one of the most abundant sources of natural vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Wheatgrass contains natural vitamin E more than 10 times more absorbed than synthetic vitamin E. Eating more wheatgrass will not cause side effects like other synthetic vitamins.
  • A treasure trove of minerals of nutritional content of wheat grass juice
    Minerals are the root of the vitality of green young leaves and the core of all living bodies. Wheatgrass contains minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt and zinc, among which potassium ions are particularly important. Wheatgrass can improve constipation and indigestion, due to the sufficient potassium content to promote bowel peristalsis and absorption function. The alkalinity of the minerals in wheat grass is high, so the absorption of phosphoric acid is small. If the phosphoric acid is excessive, it will affect the bones. Therefore, wheatgrass has a good effect on preventing tooth decay, improving acid constitution and eliminating fatigue.
  • The nutritional content of wheat grass juice contains enzymes
    Enzymes are mediators of chemical reactions in the body. When any nutrients are initially dissolved in the liquid in the cells and become ions, they must rely on the enzymes. When breathing, the oxygen in the air is fed into the blood or cells without enzymes. Wheatgrass contains a SOD enzyme with special ions such as zinc and copper, and its content is as high as 0.1%. SOD has a specific effect on inflammations such as arthritis, collagen disease of intercellular tissue inflammation, rhinitis, pleurisy and so on.
  • The nutritional composition of wheatgrass juice plant hormone abscisic acid
    The young leaves of wheatgrass contain high amounts of vitamins and plant hormones, and the older leaves of wheatgrass have more minerals. At the same time, wheatgrass can supply the most direct and economical protein. Wheatgrass young leaves contain tryptophan, which can treat short stature. In addition, doctors' research on wheatgrass also found abscisic acid that can reverse tumor growth. Wheatgrass is the only method we know of to obtain large amounts of abscisic acid.

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Wheat Grass Juice Powder

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